Are you frustrated with your physical approach to the piano?

Do you experience tension when you play?

Are you looking for a musical guide to help you breakthrough to the next level of your piano playing?

  Naumburg 50th Anniversary 1st Prize Winning pianist Atamian will solve any piano playing issue in one lesson–GUARANTEED!

What are the secrets to his ‘giant technique and an acute musical sensibility’ as acclaimed by Musical America that YOU can learn to skyrocket your playing?

The answers may astonish you by their simplicity and ‘out of the box’ thinking.

Remember the movie A Beautiful Mind where Russell Crowe saw the inner patterns in complicated mathematical formulas?


Well, Atamian sees geometrical patterns at the keyboard. It is the ‘secret ingredient’ behind all effortless and powerful technique.

Once you learn the ‘Atamian Angles’, the simple geometry that makes difficult passages easy, your playing will be set for life. 


Atamian’s down to earth teaching style combined with his ability to breakdown any passage of music to its essence and teach it with articulate and clear cut verbal instruction is what sets him apart. He is a supreme artist and superior teacher who has studied with legends such as Claudio Arrau and Jorge Bolet. He doesn’t stop with a ‘canned’ approach. Each day he is evolving his pianistic artistry and sharing his breakthroughs with pianists around the world. 

What you can expect from a 60 minute ONE ON ONE lesson:

  • Feel right at home as you demonstrate or discuss your area of concern with a teacher that understands. (Translation: No ‘diva’ antics here–no judgement…only solutions that help you move forward).
  • Receive a customized solution to any musical or technical problem ON THE SPOT that will fit you like a glove. Atamian will demonstrate at his piano so you can learn by doing!  This is REAL engineered instruction, not the ‘play with more feeling’ fluff that many teachers give. 
  • Have pain when you play? No worries. The doctor is in and will show you with a few tweaks how to eliminate any tension FOR GOOD.
  • Atamian will share the musical secret behind his legendary lush sound that will make your piano sound like a full orchestra.
  • Learn how to use your whole body naturally as you play, so you feel totally relaxed and create pianistic sonorities you never dreamed of.
  • Release your creativity by being so in control of the instrument that you will be liberated to do anything you feel in your performances. 
  • Apply the ‘Atamian Angles’, a simple geometry of the keyboard that will take the insecurity out of all your passagework. It’s so easy you will be astonished that you never realized it sooner!
  • Play with a confidence, solid memory and power you never had before. 
  • Shave your practice time in half!! Learn music faster, play more virtuosically, accurately, and with a solid memory…These techniques will be acquired in as fast as ONE lesson!!!

Here’s what pianists have to say:

“In my career as a performing classical pianist, I was always plagued by insecurity in my technique. I would spend hours upon hours rehearsing the memory and repeating difficult passages…But it was always hit or miss. After just ONE lesson with Atamian I saw the light! When he showed me how to see the keyboard in simple geometric angles and position my hand accordingly, it was the MAGIC BULLET. I’ve never played with a more solid technique, ease or confidence. I am a new pianist. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!”  

Anna Kaworska


“I know that the demonstrating and teaching you provided for me these past 2 or so years will never be matched again!” 

 Koji Attwood